Best Most Comfortable Gaming Chair in 2016

Most people just play games sitting on their bed, couch, chair or even the floor. Real gamers know that it is important to be comfortable, and if you are in a 8 hour deep gaming session you will definitely feel the struggles of bad seating. Gaming chairs were made for just that, gaming and for hard core gamers. They were made to keep you in the best position for long nights and long shifts.

These weren’t made for doing anything else but gaming, so keep a couple things in mind while you choose one from this list.

Are you a console gamer or a PC gamer?

The 2 different platforms are completely different. There are some that are loyal to console gaming and some PC. PC gaming chairs are made more ergonomically so that you are able to reach everything on your desk without straining yourself. Console gaming chairs are made closer to the ground.

Another thing too, office chairs are not gaming chairs. Yes you can use them for gaming but they are not ideal. You can get really great ergonomic chairs that support you while you are working but these serve another purpose, WORK. PC gaming chairs are made with better lower back, head and arm supports.

Things to consider for buying the Most Comfortable Gaming Chair

Comfort is king when searching for the best gaming chair for yourself. Heres a list of things to find the most comfiest chair for you.


Comfort is good but if you dont like the way it looks, it can really be an eye sore. Get something that you really like, so you will love sitting in it every day.


Its important to keep budget in mind, but remember this is an investment that you will be using all that time, so why not treat yourself right.


There are two different types of gaming chairs, the rocker and the pedestal. The rocker sits on the floor and is made for comfort. You can get rockers with inputs for speakers and other inputs. Pedestal chairs sit a little higher off the ground. You are able to get the same features with pedestals that you get with rockers.

Best Rocker Gaming Chair

X rocker 51259 PRO H3

The best of the best. Style, comfort, and it’s loaded with great features.

Best Pedestal Gaming Chair

X Rocker Vision Pro 2.1 Pedestal Gaming Chair

The Vision Pro 2.1 is the best gaming chair made today. Its great for enjoying not only gaming, but watching movies, and listening to music. It has great features which allows the user to enjoy everything.

The chair has wireless and wired features and is ranked the most comfiest of all gaming chairs on the market.

It has built in surround sound system that allows gamers to experience their games and movies in a completely different way.

Its definitely worth the money especially if you love gaming. This chair is the Rolls Royce of gaming. Its form and function all in one package and I guarantee you will love it.